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A Posse Ad Esse - From Possibility to Reality

Year 8

Hi, Year 8!

I hope everybody is coping well and keeping safe during the lockdown! Miss Gwinnett and I can’t wait until we are allowed to go back to school and we all see each other again. It has been so long now that we imagine all of you have grown taller and become more mature. We know that this is a difficult time for everybody, myself included, so it is important to stay strong mentally and physically. I am doing this by walking my dog everyday so that I get some regular exercise and going for a cycle on my bike now and again.

Having spoken to Miss Gwinnett I know that she has been doing some flexibility training in the living room to keep active (typical PE teacher!), but she has also been baking lots of lovely cakes. What are you all doing? Has anyone set themselves a new challenge or learned something completely new? We can’t wait to hear your stories!

We have contacted all of you at some point to check you are ok and it has been lovely speaking to you and your families. I know that lockdown for some of you may be very challenging for various reasons. If you need help or support, please do not hesitate to contact me or Miss Gwinnett by email and we will try to make things better for you and support you where possible. It might be a query about free school meal vouchers or logging onto Show My Homework or anything else.

Well done to those of you who have logged into Show My Homework regularly and tried to get into a routine of doing some work each day. I would like to congratulate those of you who have had praise text messages in recognition of work submitted to teachers. Many of you will be bored at home and missing school although at the same time you might be worried about returning because it has been such a strange and lengthy period to be out of the classroom. Don’t worry, we are all in this together and the main thing is that we are still healthy by the time this pandemic has gone away – remember that things will get better and life will eventually get back to normal!

We would like to set you a challenge. Take a picture of the view from your window. We are all stuck in our homes and I can imagine that we have looked out of our back bedroom window, front room window many times over the last seven weeks. It can be any window from your home at all or the back/front door – you choose. Send the pictures by email to me or Miss Gwinnett and we can display them when we eventually return and share the pictures with each other. You could maybe think of a title for our display? Let me know your thoughts.

Take care everyone and keep strong.

Mr. Drury and Miss Gwinnett