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A Posse Ad Esse - From Possibility to Reality

Year 9

Dear year 9

I hope you and your families are all well and adhering to the lockdown strategies that are in place in order for us all to stay safe.

During lockdown, I have been spending my time doing gardening and taking daily walks. On my journey I have discovered places in my local area that I didn't even know existed. I have seen sheep, cows, horses, swans, ducks and geese, but my favourite by far are the alpacas on the nearby farm. Mr. Shaw has also been enjoying his daily walks and has taken to cutting his own hair, he has also discovered he has a passion for painting garden ornaments, which I think he's pretty good at.

I am aware we are all going through a phase that we never expected, or will hopefully never go through again in our life time. The way I have been coping is to stick to my normal routine, get up, washed and dressed at my usual time, as though i was going to GDA. This helps me to keep track of the days, otherwise I find they all just roll into one and i just get confused.

You should all be logging in to SMHW daily to complete tasks. If you need support, or have any questions, leave your comments for your teacher and they will get back to you. If you are finding it hard to focus, my advice to you is that you try to keep to a routine, follow your timetable, making sure you are taking regular breaks, and only working during the normal school day. This will help you to keep up with your work and not feel overwhelmed or fall behind. Make sure you are not working over the weekend, this is your time. Although I understand that due to Ramadan, sticking to a routine may have been difficult for some.

Every week subject teachers are nominating students for a Committed Learners Reward. A big congratulations to all those who have received a reward. A full list of students who have received a reward for all subjects can be found here .

Mr. Shaw and I have set you a challenge, we would like you to email us a photo of what lockdown represents for you. When we return to school we can display all the photos we receive. For example: for me the alpacas I see on my daily walk represent lockdown. For you it could be a photo of you doing home schooling, or things you are doing with your family, or what you see on your daily walks, the list is endless.

Mr Shaw and I will continue to contact families to check on your general well-being and to inform those who receive FSM when your vouchers have been sent to your school email.

Hope to see you all soon, but until then, stay safe.

Kindest regards

Mr Shaw & Mrs Stewart