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Extra-Curricular Clubs 

Which subject: What? When? For who? Where?
Art Art Competition Club - St Germaine's Tuesday lunch KS3 W19
Art Skill Set Wednesday lunch More able W19
SMHW Art Club - Literacy Friday lunch KS3-4 W21
KS4 Textiles Monday 3.30pm KS4 W21
KS4 Art Thursday 3.30pm KS4 W19

Comic Book Club


Thursday 3.30pm

KS3-4 W20


Careers Drop In Break and lunch Y11 & Y12 Careers Room


Coding Club Girls Tuesday lunch KS3-5 RB2

Coding Club Boys

Wednesday lunch KS3-5



Money Matters Monday lunch KS3-4 S9

English/ GDA6

Y12 Paired Reading TBC    


Food & Nutrition Wednesday 3.30pm KS4 G10


Deloitte Partnership Programme TBC Y12 Deloitte


Student Journalists Wednesday 8.45am KS3-5 LRC
Freedom Ambassadors Thursday 8.45am KS3-4 LRC
LRC Volunteers Daily KS3-4 LRC
Craft Club Tuesday lunch KS3-5 LRC


Maths club Thursday lunch KS3-4 N hall


Spansih/French Film Club Thursday lunch KS3-4 G5
MFL Film Club Thursday lunch KS3-4 G2/G3
PE KS3 Girls Football Monday lunch KS3 Sports Hall
KS3 Girls Netball Tuesday lunch KS3 Sports Hall
Y9 Boys Basketball Wednesday lunch Y9 Sports Hall
Y7-Y10 Cricket Friday lunch Y7-Y10 Sports Hall
KS5 Girls Dance Tuesday lunch KS5 Dance Studio
KS3 Boys Table Tennis Wednesday lunch KS3 Dance Studio
KS3 Boys Dance Thursday lunch KS3 Dance Studio
KS5 Fitness Monday lunch KS5 Fitness Room
KS4 Fitness Tuesday lunch KS4 Fitness Room
KS4 Basketball Thursday lunch KS4 Fitness Room
KS3 Girls Netball Monday 3.30pm KS3 Sports Hall
KS4 Girls Netball Tuesday 3.30pm KS4 Sports Hall
Y10 Boys Basketball Wednesday 3.30pm Y10 Sports Hall
Y11 Boys Basketball Thursday 3.30pm Y11 Sports Hall
**Booking System** Friday 3.30pm X Sports Hall
KS3 Girls Dance Tuesday 3.30pm KS3 Dance Studio
Girls Fitness Tuesday 3.30pm Girls Fitness Room
KS4/5 Boys Fitness Thursday 3.30pm KS4-5 Fitness Room
Y8 Football Monday 3.30pm Y8 Field
Y9 Football Monday 3.30pm Y8 Field
Y11 Footbal Tuesday 3.30pm Y11 Field
Y10 Football Thursday 3.30pm Y10 Field
Y7 Football Friday 3.30pm Y7 Field

Performing Arts

LAMDA Public Speaking Awards Tuesday lunch KS3-5 W24
Drama Club Wednesday lunch KS3 W24
Guitar Club Thursday lunch KS3-5 W18
Debate Mate Monday 3.30pm Y7-Y10 W24
BTEC Intervention Tuesday 3.30pm KS4 W17/ W18/ W24
Music Tech Club Friday 3.30pm KS3-4 W18


STEM Club Tuesday 3.30pm KS3 W22
Film Club Lunch KS3-4 W16


Philosophy club Tuesday lunch HA KS3-4 G8


Chess club Wednesday 3.30pm KS3-5 Lab 3

PE results can be found here and more information about the PE Department can be found here!