George Dixon Academy

Portland Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 9GD

0121 566 6565

Year 7 Admissions

Birmingham secondary school applications close on 31 October 2023. If you need support applying for a place in September 2024, please Contact Ms Darwood, our Year 7 SLT Lead.

Year 6 Open Day

It was a pleasure to open our doors on Saturday 30 September for the Year 6 Open Day and Inter-Primary Sports Competition.

Year 6 students from Barford, Benson, Brookfields, City Road, George Dixon, St Patrick & St Edmunds and Summerfield Primary School all participated in a fun day ofBench Ball, Football and Unihoc. 

  • 1st Place- City Road
  • 2nd Place- Brookfields
  • 3rd Place- George Dixon Primary Group 1

Families from all primary schools across the city were invited to tour our school and engage in a wide range of subject activities including cookie baking, heart dissections and electromagnetism!

A reminder to families with Year 6 students, the deadline for secondary applications is 31st October 2023 Further information, guidance and links can be found on this page!

If you missed the open day or would like another tour of the school, please use our online booking form below or call reception on 0121 566 6565.

Guided Tour Booking Form

Please complete the below to schedule a guided tour at a time and date that is convenient for you and your family. During the tour, there will be an opportunity to meet current pupils, the Headteacher and to talk to senior leaders about the curriculum, vision and ethos of George Dixon.

useful Documents

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MS Darwood and Year 7 journalists talk about their first year At George Dixon

Take our virtual tour with Our Journalists!


Year 8 journalist Ruby Jones answers some frequently asked questions!

What are important dates I need to remember?

You can find important dates on the year 7 admissions page. You can find other important dates e.g. trips and other events, on the back page of our weekly newsletter, The Dixonian.

Where can I buy my uniform?

You can buy your uniform at Gogna Schoolwear and Sports as well as your PE kit. It is best to go early because some items might need to be ordered and could take 1 – 2 weeks.

What time does school start and finish?

School starts at 8:40am but if you come early you can go the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) until 8am when you can go to Breakfast Club for your free breakfast in the canteen.

How do I find my way around school?

In the hallways, there are colour coded signs that show you where to go, but teachers, other staff and students will help you.

What time are break and lunch times?

Breaks starts at 11:35am and ends at 12pm. Lunch is from 1:15pm until 2:05pm but in year 7, you will have lunch from 1pm.

What do I do if I’ve lost something?

You can go to lost property, which you can find opposite student reception and search for your lost item there.

How can I find out about extra-curricular clubs?

You can find out about clubs on our website, if you have an interest in sports clubs, you can speak to your PE teacher.

Where are the toilets?

We have multiple toilets around school. Years 7, 8 and 9 girls toilets can be found between the art rooms and the Geography stairs. The boys toilets are opposite. There are also unisex toilets outside the LRC.

What do I do if something is worrying me?

You can tell your form tutor, Head of Year or a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). You can also talk to Miss Advice anonymously (you don’t need to tell us who you are) who is an online agony aunt.

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