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All students from years 7 to 13 at George Dixon Academy are entitled to a full programme of Careers Education. This is delivered through weekly form time activity along with a range of activities targeted at specific year groups and students, for instance employer engagement days for year 9, year 10 working encounters, careers interviews for every year 11 student, close support and work with families for vulnerable students progressing beyond year 11, business engagement exercises for year 12, UCAS guidance and support for years 12 and 13.
The Academy has a full time Careers Leader, Mrs Buckingham. Through Mrs Buckingham many activities are organised, regular 'drop-in' careers advice sessions take place several times a week and she operates an 'open door' policy so that students can seek her advice at almost any time. Mrs Buckingham can be contacted by students and families through the usual Academy routes. Our nominated link governor for careers is Sir Robert Dowling.
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Careers Office has move to the HUB / James Dixon Centre!

You can now find the Careers Office next to GDA6 on the way to the canteen. Please come and say hello, every student is welcome!

Drop in for career advice and guidance, collect valuable information on different employers, colleges, universities and apprenticeships. Year 7 tutors came along to explore the space, say hello and discuss the career programme for their students. Thank you for engaging and starting to build relationships. 

Aspire to Aston University Key Stage 3 Partnership

The partnership programme established with Aston University aims to raise aspirations and normalise the idea of going to higher education, encourage students to start thinking about future goals, help students build up skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership and to support them in their school work and beyond.

The partnership has delivered workshops for all Year 7 students on ‘Introduction to University’, 40 students in year 8 on ‘Skills for the Future’ and 40 students in year 9 on ‘Future Pathways.  This is a rolling programme which will be open to students year by year and from part of a clear progression pathway towards Higher Education.

George Dixon Academy Exeter University Partnership – Third Year

Twelve students in Year 10 have successfully secured a place on the Exeter University Scholars Programme during the Easter break – a residential experience at the university from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th April. The programme is now in its third year and the Academy is one of the most successful schools continuing to build relationships with the University, enabling students to gain an insight into the life of a university student. Students that have attended say it’s made a significant difference to their understanding of being an independent student, the demands and rewards of Higher Education, how to manage their time and remove the concerns of leaving home.

GDA6 Careers

Pathways to the Professions

Twenty three students in Year 12 have successfully secured places on Pathways to the Professions courses provided by University of Birmingham and Aston University in Medicine, finance, engineering, law, health care, STEM and even for those who are not yet sure of their direction. The aims are to ensure students gain an insight into university life and a greater understanding of the courses they are interested in. They attend lectures and seminars and have a mentor who has been nominated to support them. The university mentor supports them with questions relating the university including guidance on UCAS applications.

Pathways to the Professions student quotes:

Bezawit says “the medicine pathway at University of Birmingham has given me a deeper insight into university life and experience in medical careers”.  Aisha says that “Pathways to Health Care at Aston University has started to prepare me for the skills required to seek work experience and an in-depth awareness of university life”.   Masa said “work experience through Pathways to Medicine will provide me with 3 days shadowing a doctor over the summer holidays and students shadowing at the university has provided awareness of lectures and seminars”.  

Social Mobility

Eight students secured a place on the Social Mobility Programme.  Students receive university application advice, professional mentoring, skills sessions and an internship at a highly established company such as J.P Morgan, KPMG, Herbert Smith Freehills, Clifford Chance, NHS and CH2M. 

Omer, Masa and Bezawit said “the Social Mobility Induction day was a huge success as we are now being supported to engage with high quality work placements and supported beyond our A Levels”. 

Deloitte Business Partnership Programme

Year 12 students successfully gained a place on the twelve week Deloitte Employability programme. This is George Dixon Academy’s third year of engaging with Deloitte Birmingham. The partnership prepares the students for life after GDA with a focus on transferable employability skills.

The groups prepare a cost saving and income generation proposal for the Academy to a board of professionals. Students must show team working, communication and presentation skills as they compete to have the best proposal. The competition is tough; the students are expected to deliver their ideas in a business environment and are asked challenging questions about the viability of their projects.

 AnnieJr Cast visit Deloitte and BAFTA Headquarters:

Careers Sessions – University Workshops

All year 12 attend CEIAG with Mrs Buckingham. Students research university open days, work experience, volunteering, and courses to study. This is proving successful, with every student engaged in an experience.

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