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A Posse Ad Esse - From Possibility to Reality

Year 10

Hello Year 10

Hope you are all well!

Even though we are all going through a challenging time at the moment we are pleased to learn how well many of you are adapting to the new circumstances. A big well done to those of you who have received Praise Text Messages. Keep going everyone, it could be you next!

It goes without saying that we need to continue to persevere and keep going. It is important to look after your physical and mental health wellbeing. To keep a routine and manage your time the best you can. Try and stick to your school day, getting up at a reasonable time and making sure you get enough rest. It is also a good idea to aim to complete your work on SMHW on the day it is set.

During lockdown, perhaps many of you will have found different ways to keep busy. I for one have improved my baking skills and learnt how to successfully cut my husband’s hair – thanks YouTube! Mr Brookes has also been busy baking and has finally managed to tidy his garden. We would love to hear more about your lockdown experiences and have set you a challenge to send a photograph or a news article that has caught your interest during the lock down to either myself or to Mr Brookes.

Finally, we would like to assure you that we are always here to support you during this time. The Academy website also has lots of information and guidance should you need it.

We look forward to seeing you all on our return to the Academy and have faith in the fact that we will emerge from this more resilient than before.

Stay Safe

Mrs Toor and Mr Brookes