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Key Stage 3 Overview

The Key Stage 3 curriculum at George Dixon Academy aims to provide breadth, balance and variety of activity. This enables our students to experience a range of subjects which seek to develop an array of skills and talents, as well as providing the opportunity to identify new ones. As a result, students receive an all-round, general education which acts as a foundation and preparation for study at GCSE level in Key Stage 4. Our Academy operates a two week timetable, resulting in a total of 40 lessons. All Key Stage 3 students follow a common curriculum, as outlined below. This bar chart indicates the number of 75 minute periods allocated to each subject area per two week cycle.

Number of Lessons per 2 week cycle
Number of Lessons per 2 week cycle

In addition, students experience a range of Creative and Performing Arts, delivered over 5 or 6 week blocks across the academic year. This allows students the opportunity to study each subject in-depth during the time frame allocated. The carousel of activities rotates throughout the year in order to give all students equal access to each subject area. An example of the carousel is illustrated below: