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A Posse Ad Esse - From Possibility to Reality

Year 8

Head of Year : Mrs Toor

Assistant Head of Year:  Mr Dhillon

Year 8 Tutor Team

8.1      N Hanif and A German

8.2      L Voyce

8.3      J Campbell

8.4      Y Akhtar

8.5      C Tyrie

8.6      K Cartwright

8.7      N Wiltshire

8.8      N Turner

In Year 8, students:

  • Consolidate and build upon the confidence and skills which they achieved in Year 7
  • Are encouraged to be more independent
  • Are expected to be good role models for younger students in the Academy
  • Are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities

At George Dixon Academy we pride ourselves in a real sense of community and in Year 8 we continue with our Academy ethos to respect and show understanding for each other and aim to work hard and be kind.  We endeavour to ensure that students work together and help each other to achieve their full potential academically, morally and socially.