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A Posse Ad Esse - From Possibility to Reality

Transition to GDA & Year 7


Year 7 Curriculum
Information (in PDF format) on all the subjects you will study this year are available below:
Year 7 GDA Newsletter Articles
Head of Year 7: Miss Brookes

Pastoral Manager: Ms Reid
Welcome New Year 7
Hello! What an exciting time we have ahead of us! This is not only an exciting time, but also a time where we might be feeling a bit nervous or worried. Feeling nervous or worried is such a normal feeling when we are going through a change. There are so many people to support, listen and help you during this time. In no time at all, will you be an active, involved member of our academy!
Would you like to have an e-pal in Year 7? If so please send us a message telling us a little bit about you, your interests, current school as well as your feelings about moving to Year 7. We will arrange a child in Year 7 to become your e-pal, they will send you an email from their GDA email account and you can then start making a new friend even before you start. Don’t forget to include your email address, so that we can reply back to you.
What do Year 7 say?
Last year's Year 7 students have made presentations describing their experience at GDA so far:
How do I learn best?  
  • Do you know how you learn best?
  • Why do you think it is important to know how you prefer to learn?
  • How can this help you in lessons, when you are dong your homework or when you are revising for an assessment?
Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)
Every year 7 student at GDA is encouraged to be effective learners and skilful thinkers. There are six skills that we will learn and develop, they will help us to be successful in learning, life and work. The titles of the six groups of skills are:
  • Independent enquirers
  • Creative thinkers
  • Reflective learners
  • Team workers
  • Self managers
  • Effective participators.
Do you know what makes a good learner?
What type of learner do you want to be?
What skills do you have?
Do these skills help you to learn? How do they?
How can we get ready for our move over the holidays?
  • Use this website to help you learn more about GDA
  • How will you be travelling to GDA?
    • Will you be catching a bus?
    • Do you need to practice where you get on and off the bus?
    • Will you walk to school? If so, who will you walk with?
    • Will you be going in a car?
    • Do you have a friend that you could also collect and bring to school?
  • Do you have the correct equipment to learn? 
School Day
The GDA timetable can be found here
You can buy the uniform and full PE Kit from Gogna Schoolwear and Sports in Handsworth and our requirements are here. Where parents are experiencing difficulty in providing uniform for their children, we ask that they inform us, in writing at the earliest opportunity.

Attendance Poster Competition!
The Year 7 & 8 Winners have been announced! Check out the winning entries below, which have ben professionally printed and will be on display around the Academy - can you spot them all? Well done to our winners, and everyone who took part!
Summer School
Summer school is always an exciting 2 weeks of fun packed learning activities. Summer school is a time for you to familiarise yourself with GDA, progress in different subjects and meet new friends.
What activities are there at Summer School?
  • Treasure Hunts 
  • Music 
  • Sport 
  • Trips 
  • Maths challenges 
  • ICT challenges 
  • Enterprise challenges
These are a few of the activities that you will be involved in at Summer School. We will also be working on developing ourselves as effective learners, this way we will be even more ready to start our journey at GDA in September.
Summer School 2014 was a great success, see the slideshow below to see some of the things last year's Year 7 got up to!
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What activities make you feel good inside and also keep you healthy?
  • Would you like to meet other year 7 students, who share the same interests as you?
Then why not join one or more of these clubs?
  • Dance club
  • Music club
  • Year 7 choir
  • Drama
  • Science Technology Engineering and Maths
    • Do you like to find out why something has happened?
    • Do you come up with new ideas and then test them?
    • Do you see how ideas or pieces of information fit together?
    • Can you spot questions and problems that need answering and solving?
    • Then this is the club for you! You will be using Science, Maths and Technology to make discoveries and have fun!