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A Posse Ad Esse - From Possibility to Reality

GDA Art Gallery

We are exhibiting some of the art work produced by the incredible independent artists who have shown motivation and determination when working at home.

Miss McCone, Mr Shaw and Ms Lyons would like to congratulate all of the students who have their amazing art works shown in the online gallery. We are afraid that we could not show all of works we received and therefore would like to take this chance to commend ALL students at George Dixon Academy who are continuing to strive for greatness within their studies demonstrating perseverance, resilience and commitment.

Well done! Keep up the good work!


Year 7 have been looking at the theme of Steampunk this term. Steampunk is a cultural movement that is inspired by 19th Century industrial steam-powered machinery. We have begun this term by focusing on our drawing skills of different types of tools taking influence from the artist Jim Dine. We will be developing these drawings into our own Steampunk animals by the end of the term.

This gallery shows the artist studies that students have completed of Jim Dine’s work as well as studies of their own tools/kitchen appliances in response to Jim Dine’s work. They were also asked to compose their own objects and create a drawing of them.


Year 7 have been asked to practice their drawing, designing and making skills within textiles. Looking at themes such as: wishing envelopes, toadstool postboxes and insects.

The gallery shows the drawing and designing that students have been asked to practice, exploring the various themes as well as the making skills that students have used,.


Year 8 have been looking at the theme of food/nature over the past few terms. Over the past few weeks, Year 8 have been focusing on their drawing skills, creating artists studies of Kate Malone and Zimmin Zai’s ceramics inspired by food/nature. They have then been asked to design their own vases and bowls inspired by the theme. Students have also begun to make their designs using various techniques and materials.

This gallery shows the artist studies that students have completed of Kate Malone and Zimmin Zai’s work as well as students own designs of their pots looking at the theme of food/nature and the beginning of pupils making their own pots using various methods.


Year 9 have been looking at perspective within rooms. Over the last few weeks they have been focusing on their drawing skills, creating art works that explore both one point and two point perspective. This will be leading to the pupils designing their own interiors for a teenagers bedroom.

This part gallery shows the perspective drawings that the pupils have completed.



Year 10 have been focusing on the theme of ‘Still Life’. They have begun this project by exploring and creating drawings of a range of household objects. They have then gone on to study various still life artists such as: Giorgio Morandi and Gary Bennet. Students have also explored Vanitas art and the meaning placed behind the objects found in this style of art. Students have responded to this through photographing/ drawing their own still life compositions, using objects that have symbolic meanings to their own lives and some even focusing on objects that have symbolic meaning to the current situation the world is experiencing. This project has maintained a focus on students developing their recording skills.

This gallery shows the drawings that students have created of household objects.