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Don't forget to pick up your yellow pass before school if you want to use the LRC at break or lunch :)

Learning Resource Centre


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Scholastic Bookfairs!

GDA restarted the Scholastic Bookfair in April 2014. The bookfair arrives with a selection of books to suit all ages and tastes and books bought by you earns the academy money to buy library books thanks to all staff and students who visit our book fairs. Our next one is on June 28th for a whole week and will be open in the LRC on Induction Evening for Year 6 students AND Year 7 Parent's Evening!

LRC Volunteers!

Miss Dewell has recruited several students as LRC volunteers, who give up their free time and make the LRC a clean, organised and fun space for everyone. Students benefit from this role as it gives them responsibilities and confidence. Miss Dewell is grateful for their support, the role has become so popular there is now a waiting list!
If you are interested in becoming part of the LRC Volunteer team, please speak to a current Volunteer or Miss Dewell!


There are over 8,000 books in the collection, and it continues to grow. Students are able to borrow most of these books, and can take up to three books for two weeks. Any books with a REFERENCE label can’t be borrowed but can be read in the LRC. The LRC also has Manga and lots of different magazines for your to read at your leisure when in the LRC.

World Book Day

World Book Day takes place in March every year. The academy holds various events to celebrate. Staff dress as their favourite book characters and students can vote for their favourite. There is an Academy wide treasure hunt, where students locate ten book related clues. 
Every year, the LRC is transformed into a different book or theme this Miss Dewell was dressed as Alice whilst the LRC became Wonderland! It is always a great day, thanks to everyone who takes part!


Computers are in the LRC for work and research and not for games. There are, however, board games, such as chess, draughts and dominoes available for students to play. Students of all years play together giving the LRC a great atmosphere at break and lunch. If you haven’t visited yet, you should come and take a look!

...don't forget to collect your yellow pass in the mornings to use the LRC at break and lunch!

See you in the LRC!