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Youth in Action

This project was initiated by GDA Sixth Form students who made contact with a group of young students at a school in Per┼čembe, Turkey. The theme was youth art and culture in the two countries and the objective was to develop European citizenship by comparing the theme in Britain and Turkey. To achieve this, GDA students created presenations about British youth culture which they shared when they visited Turkey in 2013. The Turkish young people then shared presentations about Turkish youth art and culture on their visit to the UK.
On their return to the UK, GDA students delivered workshops to the rest of the students at the Academy discussed the project. They shared aspects of Turkish youth art and culture, which was extremely successful and raised a huge amount of interest amongst GDA students to develop projects supported by the British Council and the European Union. The Turkish young people similarly shared their experiences with their fellow students to promote the work of the EU within Turkey.  
This visit was tremendously successful in terms of building individual relationships and to enable young people from both countries to dispel any myths about young people from the other country.
The return visit of the Turkish students in September 2013 enabled Turkish students to experience first hand various aspects of UK art and culture. A particular highlight was a visit to the Black Country Living Museum where Turkish students were joined by GDA students to develop their understanding of an extremely important aspect of British cultural development.
Presentations and videos created by the students can be found below:
 Fashion Presentation-0.jpgDownload
 Food Presentation-0.jpgDownload
 Media presentation-0.jpgDownload
 Music presentation 09.50.10-0.jpgDownload
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