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FACE Team                                                                       

The purpose of the FACE (Family And Community Engagement) team is to promote greater engagement with parents and families in order to benefit students and the academy as a whole.
FACE team members will be present at most family events, such as Parents Evenings, if families want to speak to the team. We hope to increase family participation at the Academy and would love to hear your thoughts on how we could make that happen.
The team would be grateful if you could complete our questionnaire in order for us to gather ideas and comments to take FACE further. News and progress from the team will be available on this page.
We value your opinion, if you have ideas for the Academy or want to attend a workshop, please email the team.


FACE Workshops!

 The partnership between families and the academy is key in ensuring all children achieve their full potential. Throughout the academic year, The FACE team are running workshops that have been designed so that you can support your Year 7 child further with their learning at home. We aim to make each workshop engaging, fun and informative.  
Please just let us know by email or by completing the form on the right and you are welcome to attend next year's workshops. We would love all families to take part in as many sessions as possible.