George Dixon Academy

Portland Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 9GD

0121 566 6565

Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

At George Dixon Academy, the teaching staff are reflective and continuously strive for improvement so that we better serve our community. This involves the acknowledgement that continually improving subject knowledge and pedagogy is required. Teachers are empowered and understand the most effective way to teach their subject.

A culture of lifelong learning that is underpinned by a supportive coaching model exists at the academy. All improvements in teaching and learning are based on research that is relevant for our community. Through having an open culture, all feedback is an opportunity for learning and reflection. The academy provides a range of opportunities for staff to develop in all aspects of their teaching.

Although a typical George Dixon Academy classroom does not exist because every subject and we as teachers are different, there are features that are common to us all, such as mutual respect, inclusiveness, high expectations and positive relationships. We are consciously promoting and modelling effective learning behaviours and are continually assessing how effectively we are doing this. Deep subject knowledge is shared with passion. Calculated risks are taken in the classroom, comfort zones are stepped out of, and opportunities are sought to learn from experiences that go less well.

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