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Why study Music? 

Music is an incredibly diverse subject; it encompasses a variety of practical and academic skills. Whilst music may not have such a clearly defined career pathway as some other subjects, the varied nature of the subject enables students to develop highly desirable skills in areas such as self-confidence, teamwork, problem solving, and communication; all of which creates well-rounded individuals. Music opens doors to a wide range of careers both within and outside the artsat do students study?

What will I study?

In Key Stage 3, students have the opportunity to explore different aspects of music and musicianship. This gives the students the chance to take part in a wide range of musical activities. Students have the chance to explore instruments in bands, compose modern pop songs on Apple Mac computers and perform to others. Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to explore the music industry through practical and theoretical channels and build a deeper understanding.

How will I study?

Students get the chance to study in a modern music classroom comprising of traditional and modern instruments/compositional tools.

Career opportunities

Music provides a wide range of career opportunities from music industry roles to becoming a professional musician. Music can also help with key employability skills such as: confidence, punctuality and communication.

Extra-curricular activities

George Dixon Academy hosts a number of extra-curricular activities that give the students time to focus on a particular discipline of music. We currently have the following lunch-time clubs in music:

  • Guitar club (beginner)
  • Guitar club (advanced)
  • Music Technology club
  • See our timetable for details of all the clubs on offer.