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Maths is one of the best subjects to develop your analytical, research and problem-solving skills. Not only will studying maths help give you the knowledge to tackle scientific, mechanical, coding and abstract problems, it will also help you develop logic to tackle everyday issues like planning projects, managing budgets and even debating effectively.

The skills developed through the study of Mathematics are in high demand from employers and universities. In addition to developing the ability to solve problems and think logically, the study of Mathematics provides opportunities to develop team-working skills, resilience, and effective communication of complex ideas and the ability to use your own initiative.


At Key Stage 3 pupils will be exposed to three Assessment objectives required at KS4.They are as follows:

A01 – Use and apply standard techniques

A02 – Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically

A03 – Solve problems with mathematics and in other contexts

The main topics covered are Number, Algebra, Geometry, Ratio, Probability and Statistics.

Overviews of both Foundation and Higher Maths at Key Stage 4 can be found below:


In A level maths we study pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics, over 2 years.


Lessons are varied, sometimes led from the front by demonstration and modelling, sometimes explored individually, in pairs or small groups, and sometimes through practice using worksheets, text books, practical activities and websites.

The best way to learn Mathematics is to practice doing mathematical questions.

Extra-curricular activities

Students have attended the Big Bang fair and others have had an opportunity to participate in Maths Challenge (Key Stages 3 and 4) and Maths Feast competitions (Year 10).

We also host weekly Thursday lunch time and after school maths study clubs as well as offering drop in sessions for all examination preparation.

The Maths department have ran to universities for taster days and opportunities to participate in the UK Mathematics Challenge. A recent trips was a visit to the University of Nottingham, with a focus on “Women in Mathematics”.