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Why study a language?

Learning a language does not only improve our cultural awareness and give insights into our multi-cultural society but it expands our horizons. It is an effective way of communicating and preparing people for living and working in the 21st century. As globalisation dominates our business world today, there is a high demand of professionals with a language skill.

What language can I study?

MFL is taught by a highly dedicated team who are passionate about languages. The MFL department achieves good results year upon year. This year 80% of pupils have achieved A*- C GCSE grades. Congratulations to all pupils and staff.

Our MFL department offers French and Spanish as the main languages and Home languages such as Polish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, and Portuguese for native speakers of those countries.

 All pupils study two languages for a year in Year 7 at KS3 and can opt to continue that language at KS4 in order to obtain a GCSE. Our Pearson Edexcel Exam board GCSE 9- 1, has developed a plethora of resources for the delivering of the course to all students of all abilities in order to progress and develop a passion for languages.

Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards which makes learning interactive and enjoyable. We use a range of resources to enhance teaching and learning including language websites that have a lot of stimulating activities for independent learning.

How will I study?

Pupils develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills based on a range of topics from shopping to travelling. They are taught using a range of resources including:

  • Up to date Language Course books
  • Interactive MFL computer software
  • Incorporating culture into the MFL classroom
  • Listening activities using DVDs / CDs
  • Approaches to spontaneous speaking
  • Practising speaking in small groups with native speakers
  • Extra-Curricular Opportunities
  • Vocabulary learning strategies
  • Using literary texts

 At GCSE each paper is available at Foundation tier or Higher tier and each language skill is weighted 25% of the total mark of 100%. You are welcome to take a quick look at the exam papers.


The department organises events throughout the school year including:

  • Cinema Trips to watch Foreign Films
  • Trips to the local "Lingua" centre at Hillcrest School - where pupils practise their language in "real life" shopping situations
  • Trips abroad
  • Primary School Links – MFL teachers teach a language to local primary school children
  • Corresponding with pen friends from other countries around the world

MFL opportunities to a career path?

Many international employers seek people with language skills. Learning a language provides you with the skills to adapt to different business environments. In terms of other career pursuits, a combination of languages and other qualifications, knowledge or skills may be needed. For example, people with languages in addition to IT, law, finance or sales skills are much sought-after.