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Why study Geography?

Geography gives an insight into the physical and human workings of the planet. It also develops essential skills for modern living such as spatial awareness and digital imaging. It allows students to gain an appreciation of the positive and negative interactions between people and the environment. 

What do students study?

Students study a range of environmental issues and geographical case studies, ranging from small scale such as the academy’s site through to global scale such as the threat of global warming. Skills are embedded in to the curriculum, such as mapwork and data handling.

  • KS3 includes ecosystems, landscapes, cities, coasts and rivers, global development, weather hazards, tectonic hazards, resource management.
  • KS4 follows EDEXCEL A.
  • KS5 follows EDEXCEL (from 2016).

How will I study?

Students work with a range of resources to complete individual, paired and group activities. Students give presentations and debate responses. Students conduct fieldwork. 

Career Opportunities

Careers which are Geography related are varied, and include town planning, teaching, environmental conservation, travel agents, administration and much more. 

Extra-curricular activities

Study clubs are run on a weekly basis, and field trips include the Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston, Malvern and Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire. 

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