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Old Dixonians are doing wonderful things in wonderful places. We would love to hear from you all.

Come in and visit or send us a note; lets always keep in touch.

Steve Tchoumba

Class of 2006

Steve started here as a student in 2001. Steve had an interview with Mr Mann, but Steve didn’t speak English so Mr Mann spoke French. His favourite subjects at school were Music and Drama. He was a very good student and became the head student in Year 11.

Steve left George Dixon in 2006 and went on to Coventry University. He returned to George Dixon to become a Teaching Assistant. He is now a director of a company called ActivSpaces which is
a tech hub in Cameroon. This company is for young Africans to transform their ideas into businesses. Steve hopes to get involved in politics in the long term. His favourite colour is brown.

Good luck in the future, Mr Steve!

Priva Mahmoud, 8.1

I bumped into Steve Tchoumba who was a student here at George Dixon Academy.
He started here as a student in 2001 and he was very good at Maths and the experience was fun. He was allowed to play music and work with other schools. After he left George Dixon he went to Coventry University.  He is now an executive director with an ActivSpace. He also participated in the Archbishop Tutu Fellowship Programme.

Sehar Shabraz, 8.1

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