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All students from years 7 to 13 at George Dixon Academy take part in a full programme of Careers Education. This is delivered through weekly form time activity along with a range of activities targeted at specific year groups and students, for instance employer engagement days for year 9, a week of work experience for year 10, careers interviews for every year 11 student, close support and work with families for vulnerable students progressing beyond year 11, business engagement exercises for year 12, UCAS guidance and support for years 12 and 13.
The Academy has a full time Careers Education and Work Related Learning Advisor, Mrs Buckingham. Through Mrs Buckingham many activities are organised, regular 'drop-in' careers advice sessions take place several times a week and she operates an 'open door' policy so that students can seek her advice at almost any time. Mrs Buckingham can be contacted by students and families through the usual Academy routes or directly by email.

There is a Careers Hub which is well stocked with resource materials for students to access careers information, and all information is shared to give the best possible Impartial Advice and Guidance for every student. This is supplemented with materials available to students via the Academy computer network and carefully chosen website guidance.
The Academy has built partnerships with a range of employers, for example Deloitte, KPMG, Binding Site, NHS, West Midlands Police, and with the Department of Work and Pensions to provide employer engagement and work related experiences to set our students’ learning in context, to foster ambition and to support forward planning.
The Academy works with a range of universities from across the country to ensure that our students have the best access to guidance towards higher education. We have a partnership with the University of Exeter which has enabled many students to attend residentials, experience university life and to have personal mentoring to support their ambitions to study at Russell Group universities.

Useful Websites

  • UCAS - Insight into degree courses, getting started, open dates, what to study, entry requirements, personal statement, finance and funding, conferences. For all year groups but very useful for years 11,12 and 13 
  • Which? University - A starting point; which subject/predicted grades. For all year groups but very useful for year 11,12 and 13 
  • UCAS Career Finder - Apprenticeships, internships, graduate roles for years 11, 12 and 13
  • The Complete University Guide - Full details of 140 university and colleges and complete league tables for years 11, 12 and 13 
  • Prospects Job Profiles - Job profiles with a full outline of qualifications and salary. For all year groups
  • Get in go far - Apprenticeships with live vacancies and advice. For years 9 - 13
  • Get my first job - Live vacancies for apprenticeships for years 12 and 13
  • Rate my Apprenticeship - Live vacancies for apprenticeships, what are apprenticeships, careers advice for school and sixth form leavers, browse top employers. For years 11, 12 and 13
  • National Careers Service - How to write a CV, apprenticeships and much more student information for all year groups
  • Barclays Life Skills - Work experience and post 16 advice and guidance: the Academy books this for you
  • NHS Roles
  • Social Mobility - Get involved and get support –mentoring support from professionals for years 12 and 13
  • Help Harry Help Others - Harry’s Charity, Cancer support volunteering for years 11, 12 and 13
  • Careers of the Future - Jobs of the future labour market for years 9 - 13
  • Sutton Trust - Summer Schools for Year 12
  • icould -  Short clips exploring over 1000 different careers for all year groups
  • Exeter Scholars Programme
  • University Open Days
  • Video Lounge - Careersbox - short film clips offering a wide range of careers

Work Experience

  •  vInspired - Volunteering Opportunities
  • Prospects Placements - Work experience, search all placements on this site
  • Do It - General volunteering opportunities
  • BDO Summer School - Work experience in Career Zones: Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Consultancy for year 12
  • Barclays Life Skills - Work experience and post 16 advice and guidance: the Academy books this for you
  • NHS Work Experience Heart of England NHS work experience, volunteering and jobs for Year 12 
  • NHS Work Experience - Work Experience in Sandwell and West Midlands Hospitals
  • NHS Work Experience - Work Experience at University Hospital
  • NHS Work Experience - Shadowing, volunteering and work experience at the Children's Hospital University Hospital
  • Medic Mentor - Link to Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Psychology webinars, volunteer and conferences and School Leadership Ambassador programme
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CEIAG News Feb 2018

 Year 11 Leavers’ Destinations
In September 2017, for the second year in succession, 100% of students leaving year 11 were enrolled in 6th Forms, Colleges, Apprenticeships or Training Providers. George Dixon Academy had nil NEETs (students Not in Employment, Education or Training). This evidences the quality of the teaching at the Academy and the ambition and results of our students, supported by a clear Careers Education programme and support from our Careers Advisor, Mrs Buckingham. Our current year 11 students are planning their pathways and will have course offers in place early next term. Families are welcome to contact Mrs Buckingham if you have any questions or concerns.

UCAS Conference

In September, the Academy held an event to support and guide Sixth Form students by giving them face to face contact with universities. Fourteen universities attended including local institutions and many from further afield including Cambridge, Exeter and Southampton. Workshops on UCAS and Student Finance were delivered to year 12 and year 13 separately, recognising their different needs and stages in the process of progression, followed by individual discussions. Later the event was opened to years 11 and 10, with significant numbers of students staying long after the end of the Academy day getting advice from universities and registering for further communications and advice.
‘Experience Exeter’ University programme .
The Academy’s partnership with the University of Exeter goes from strength to strength. Ten year 10 students attended a residential at Exeter at Easter, followed by another ten year 12 students in July. These students will receive extra support and mentoring from the university to help them to plan and achieve high quality education at elite universities, leading to successful careers. In addition the university very generously hosted fifty of our prospective year 12 students in July for a residential experience as part of their induction to the Sixth Form, setting clear standards and giving an insight into university life.

Year 10 visit to the Skills Show

In November, all of year 10 visited the Skills Show at the NEC. This is the nation’s largest skills and careers event, offering insights and activities in a huge range of careers and profession to young people to help them make the best choices for their futures. Students were able to try new experiences and skills, to meet employers from 150 different companies in a range of sectors and to gain first hand advice on careers and progression. Student showed excellent engagement with employers at this event, learned a great deal to help them with career planning and were excellent ambassadors for the Academy.

Year 9 Employer Engagement Event

In July, the Academy staged an Employer Engagement Event for year 9 including two workshops. The first was led by Barclays LifeSkills and focused on personal impact in the workplace – communication, body language, confidence, motivation etc. The second was a speed networking workshop in which small groups of student engaged with and learned about employers from a range of careers, discussing their jobs, pathways, motivations etc. Students were communicative and curious, learning a great deal and benefitting from the experiences employers were able to describe. They were able to clearly evaluate their learning and impressed the employers with their attitude, interest and engagement, so that employer responses were overwhelmingly positive with all offering to participate again next year.

Working with Deloitte Corporate

Twelve year 12 students have joined the second cohort working with Deloitte Corporate on a business challenge, following the success of last year’s programme. Students will gain a broad knowledge of employability skills, enhanced presentation skills and personal conduct in a professional environment.
In early October, twelve professionals from Deloitte’s London, Birmingham and Leeds offices came to the Academy to run a workshop for Sixth Form students on employability, motivation, careers, applications and CVs. Students benefitted from being able to work in very small groups with these highly successful professionals, gaining insight into careers along with sound advice. Deloitte were so impressed that they invited five students to insight days at their London offices and five more to their Birmingham offices.